Capital Brewing Co.

Canberra, Australia

Capital Brewing Company purchased a 3.5BBL brewery system from MICET, including a grain miller, 350L brewhouse, and 350L fermentation tanks that were designed stackable, high standard control panels. 

Capital Brewing Co-founders Managing Directors Tom Hertel and Laurence Kain Grew up in Canberra just one suburb apart. Their paths crossed for the first time in 2005 when they both started working in bars around Canberra. It was here that they bonded of a shared love of quality beverages and the hospitality trade.

In 2011, they pooled together the money they’d squirrelled away from working behind bars and with the help of some mates and some sledge hammers, turned an old Italian restaurant into Canberra’s first bar focused on independent Australian craft beer. Being pre-craft-beer boom, that beer wasn’t easy to come by. Every fortnight they’d drive a hire truck to Sydney and return laden with kegs, which were soon emptied, thanks to the voracious local appetite for quality brews.

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