Jobsite Brewery

Ontario, Canada

7BBL brewery equipment, two vessel brewhouse direct fired heating, the system includes 7BBL two vessel brewhouse combined with mash/boil/whirlpool and 7BBL mash tun, 15BBL HLT, 15BBL CLT, 4 of 15BBL fermenters, 2 of 7BBL bright tank. In 2020, they expanded and added more bright tanks, all the equipment was sold by our Canadian partner.

The brewery was built in year of 2017, with few years expansion, they added more tanks in year 2020, this is a good restaurant bar. They are a construction themed craft brewery, which brew an assortment of beer styles that can be enjoyed in our welcoming taproom with some great inhouse made wood fired pizza. Jobsite has become a fun meeting place for friends, family, coworkers, and a place to meet new friends.

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