The best 1500L microbrewery system

The best 1500L microbrewery system

1500L micro beer brewing system is often used in small craft breweries or craft brewing bars. Choosing the right beer brewing equipment is the key to a successful business and operation. 1500L is the most common specification in micro-beer brewing systems, including a malt grinding system, saccharification system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, CIP cleaning system control system, etc. The 1500L micro-brewing system provides a suitable solution with its optimal production capacity and versatility.

1500L micro beer equipment технические характеристики

  • Effective volume: 1500L; total volume: 1875L
  • Материал: нержавеющая сталь SUS304/SUS316.
  • Система управления: ПЛК Siemens или ПИД Schneider/ABB
  • Метод нагрева: электрический/паровой/прямой огонь
  • Power: 60kw
  • Voltage: three-phase/380 (220, 415, 480…) v/50 (60) Hz; single-phase/220 (110, 240…) v/50 (60) Hz
  • Brewing batches: 1-2 brews/day
  • Эффективность теплопередачи: ≥90%
  • Polishing accuracy: ≤4μm
  • Heat exchange area: 2.5㎡
  • Area required: 130 square meters

Note: 1 hl = 100 liters; 1 gallon = 3.7854 liters; 1 barrel (BBL) = 117 liters

1500L micro beer equipment specifications

1500L micro-brewing system configuration

Milling system

  • The double roller type is designed for malt, with adjustable roller width to eliminate noise
  • Particle adjustable roller crusher
  • Flexible or steel auger to lift milled grain directly into the mash tun

Brewery unit

  • Mash/filter tank, boiling/whirlpool tank
  • Special combinations of hot water tanks and cold water tanks are available
  • Precisely designed soaking or decoction brewing methods
  • Stainless steel is popular for its ease of maintenance and cleaning, with optional copper cladding
  • Двухступенчатый или одноступенчатый теплообменник для охлаждения сусла
  • Интегрированная рабочая платформа из нержавеющей стали
  • Гигиеничный и эффективный насос для сусла
  • Все трубы и фитинги

Fermentation tank system

  • Standard stainless steel conical cylindrical fermentation tank
  • Small breweries use single or dual-size breweries
  • The number of tanks is calculated based on the fermentation cycle of various beers.
  • Dimple jacketed plate
  • Включает все отверстия, клапаны, манометры, аксессуары и т.д.

Охлаждающее устройство

  • Insulated glycol water tank with or without copper coil for holding and mixing glycol liquid
  • High-efficiency chillers or refrigerators containing Freon to provide cooling energy
  • Sanitary centrifugal pump for glycol water circulation between storage tank and heat exchanger
  • Includes all pipes, fittings, insulation materials

Блок управления 

  • Electrical control cabinet with temperature, used for switch control in breweries
  • Electrical control cabinet with temperature for switch control of cooling components
  • Включая терморегулятор, термопару, электромагнитный клапан и т.д.
  • ПЛК с сенсорной панелью для специальных требований

Advantages of 1500L Micro Beer Brewing System

  • Customized equipment design according to the customer’s brewing method, brewing beer type can make beer up to 33 Plato.
  • All buildings are made of high-quality SUS 304 food-grade stainless steel, all pipes are made of SUS304, perfect 3mm inner shell and 2mm outer shell.
  • All storage tanks are equipped with designed jackets to ensure heating and cooling efficiency. There are sheaths at the top of the cone and the bottom of the housing, and the exchange area is large enough.
  • The headspace of our tank is much larger, and the total volume does not include the cap headspace.
  • The tank is welded with a 100% argon arc welding process, and the jacket welding is all water welding. The cooling jacket is dented to ensure no leakage and long service life, and the weld seam is passivated!
  • Our polishing is mirror polishing, polished 6 times to achieve a Ra 0.4um mirror finish, which can be cleaned 360° without dead corners.
  • The jacket is tested with air and water for 12 hours, the jacket test pressure is 5 bar, and the inner shell test pressure is 4 bar, we will also conduct a 48-hour water test before packaging.
  • Strict quality control and process inspection and testing system, all test records will be displayed on our data at the later stage of tank transportation and will be tracked with inspection list and serial number.
  • We adhere to the high-end product line manufacturing tanks, and all components such as chillers, exchangers, steam boilers, Schneider/ABB electronic control systems, etc. are all made by international brands to ensure quality and convenient after-sales.

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1500L Micro Beer Brewing System

  • The 1500L micro-beer brewing system has a certain degree of flexibility and can be adapted and adjusted according to market demand. Due to its moderate scale, the brewing volume and production frequency can be adjusted within a certain range. This allows established microbreweries to respond to market changes and demand fluctuations to meet the needs of different seasons or market events.
  • The 1500L micro-beer brewing system has certain scalability and can expand production capacity as the business grows. The established large-scale breweries can increase brewing capacity and the number of production lines according to market demand and sales growth trends. By increasing the number of brewing systems or expanding the size of existing systems, they can increase production capacity and meet growing market demand.

Best production capacity

Microbrewery systems provide the perfect balance between capacity and scalability. The system produces approximately 1,500 liters of beer per batch, meeting the needs of large breweries. It enables efficient production while ensuring consistent quality and taste. Using industry-standard brewing processes, breweries using the system can achieve production volumes of approximately 3,000 to 5,000 liters per month.