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O skupině Micet

MICET: short name of Innovative & Craft Brewing Equipment, “M” is a Chinese name, means “perfect”, “I” is Innovation, “ C” is craftsmanship, with these points and elite culture, sharing & learning spirit formed the business concept of our company and integrated into our corporate culture.

Micet Group is a China-Canada Cooperative Leading Brewery equipment manufacturer by building distribution and partnership system and dedicated serving for the global brewing market, specialized in research, development, production and overseas sales. We focus on high-end product line and insist on craftsman spirit. We perform strict quality control and process testing in production to ensure that customers have good expectations for equipment and on-time delivery. Micet Group is on its way to be global bench-marking company, our superb craftsmanship and innovative capabilities have attracted customers from a few countries and regions around the world to cooperate.

Micet Group always adheres to the spirit of craftsman (quality), elite culture (talent), and innovation consciousness (research and development) as the competitiveness of enterprise development. Micet Group first proposed the concept of intelligent equipment, innovative research from the intelligent control HMI, etc. With its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system, Micet has confirmed 10 distributors all over the world, including Canada, USA, UK, France, Italy, Romania, South Africa, India, Brazil, Argentina, meanwhile has realized process and standardization from design, production, technology and sales.

Micet Group adheres to the concept of “global operation, local wisdom” and seeks partners to develop this big market on a global scale. Micet Group is one of the major suppliers of brewing equipment and brewing engineering in the world, also excellent the world. We cooperate well with some big brewery companies and have rich experience in general contracting of large-scale international beer equipment projects. With the network of foreign agents and partners in the global operation network, we will greatly enhance its global procurement, sales channel expansion, and lean production, and gradually move to the global market.


Company Culture


  • Create a passionate, efficient and elite team
  • Insist on craftsman spirit to fabricate high quality brewing systems
  • the brewing industry with innovative ideas


  • To be the world’s leader, benchmark and model in beer brewing equipment manufacturer
  • To be a home for employees to pursue their personal development and learning
  • To build partnership system and dedicated deicated for distributors.


  • Work rigorously and with honesty Act in a practical and steady fashion
  • Put customer service first and supreme
  • Craftsman spirit, Innovation consciousness
  • Elite culture, Win-win cooperation


  • Quality is the endorsement of the product
  • No produce no sell low quality products
  • Constantly strive for the perfect product
  • Change the inferior image of Chinese products in the world


  • Hiring employees with 3D technology experience
  • Have employees adhere to the standard system
  • Educating employees by sharing learning
  • Keeping employees by making them part of Micet family and culture with the highest level of respect.

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