Schlüsselfertiges System für 1000-Liter-Brauereiausrüstung

Schlüsselfertiges System für 1000-Liter-Brauereiausrüstung

The 1000L beer brewing equipment is suitable for restaurants, and commercial and industrial breweries. applied to breweries that are much smaller and owned than large corporate breweries. This type of brewery is generally characterized by a focus on flavor and brewing technology. Brewing systems come with a variety of heating methods, including electric, steam, and gas heating. The brewery configuration can be 2, 3, or 2 vessels or it can be a combination brewery. To save you installation time, we also offer skid-mounted 1000L breweries.

The main configuration of 1000L brewery equipment

  • Malzmüllerei
  • 3 vessels brewhouse with Mash tank+Lauter tun+Kettle/Whirlpool tank
  • 10㎡ heat exchanger
  • 5m³/h pumps
  • Hops inline filter
  • Yeast addition tank
  • Oxygenate device
  • Indoor exhaust
  • 1500L Hot water tank
  • 100kg/h electric boiler
  • 2*1000L Fermentation tank
  • 1*2000L Fermentation tank
  • 2000L Glycol water tank
  • 8HP Glycol chiller
  • 100L CIP trolley
  • PLC controller

The main configuration of 1000L brewery equipment

1000L Brewery Turnkey System Equipment Description

malt grinding ·Twin roller crusher

· Flexible or steel augers can lift malt directly into the mash tun

winery · Various combinations of mash barrels, lauter barrels, cooking pots, and whirlpool barrels

· Optional hot water tank and cold water tank for special combinations

· Stainless steel popular for ease of maintenance and cleaning, optional copper cladding

· Two-stage or single-stage heat exchangers for wort cooling

· All stainless steel integrated work platform

· Hygienic and efficient wort pump

· All pipes and fittings

Fermenter · Standard stainless steel conical Gärtank

· Available as single or double size for breweries

· The number of tanks is accurately calculated according to the fermentation cycle of various beers

·Includes all ports, valves, pressure gauges, accessories, etc.

beer filter · Plate and frame or candle DE (diatomaceous earth) filters for clarifying beer
brit tank · Standard stainless steel bright tanks for beer maturation, conditioning, serving, carbonation

· Single or dual size fermenters

·Includes all manholes, valves, stones, instruments, accessories, etc.

Kühlsystem · Insulated glycol tanks with or without copper coils for containing and mixing glycol liquids

· High-efficiency chiller or refrigerator

· Sanitary centrifugal pump for circulation of glycol water between tank and heat exchanger

· Includes all pipes, fittings, insulation

control unit · Including temperature electrical control cabinet, control thermocouple, solenoid valve and other switches

· PLC with touch screen panel for special requirements

beer distribution · Keg filling and rinsing machine

· Semi-automatic filling machine with functions of washing, filling, capping, labeling, etc.

· Choice of rapid pasteurizer or tunnel pasteurizer

Andere Einrichtungen · Portable or stationary CIP systems for tank cleaning

· Steam boiler for brewery heating

· Water treatment of brewing water

· Oil-free air compressor

· Brewery beer quality testing laboratory instruments

1000L brewery equipment is designed for brewing beer in small batches, ranging from a few gallons to hundreds of gallons. Unlike large commercial brewing systems, microbrewery equipment is more compact, easier to install, and can be operated by one person.


1000L turnkey system production standard

  • 1000L beer equipment is suitable for micro breweries, especially bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. with novel structure and beautiful appearance
  • All structures are made of SUS 304 food-grade stainless steel, and all pipes are made of SUS304
  • All logos and text are in English
  • All tanks come with data boards including test data and serial numbers
  • All storage tanks will be tested and inspected in NDT room for construction and quality control inspection
  • All jackets will be tested using water pressure test, test pressure: 0.4Mpa (4 Bar) and working pressure: 0.2Mpa (2Bar)
  • All water tanks will be pressure tested for 48 hours before leaving the MICET factory;
  • All welds are TIG welded using water spray to ensure uniform shape of the welds and are pickled and blunted.
  • All tank interiors are mirror polished, Ra 0.4um.
  • Alle Dichtungen bestehen aus EPDM

Features of 1000L Brewing System

  • Medium size: The 1000L brewing system belongs to the medium size range, suitable for all types of breweries, whether they are start-up breweries or established breweries. This scale enables low-volume production and can be expanded to meet growing market demand.
  • Efficient production: The 1000-liter brewing system has efficient production capacity and can produce a large amount of beer in a short period of time. For commercial breweries, this can increase throughput, reduce production time and reduce costs.
  • Flexibility: Brewing systems of this size usually have some flexibility and can accommodate different types of beer brewing, including different styles and flavors of beer. This allows winemakers to create a diverse product line that meets the needs of consumers with different tastes.
  • Automation and control: Modern 1000-liter brewing systems are often equipped with advanced automation and control systems that can watch and adjust the brewing process to ensure beer quality and consistency. This automation helps reduce manual operations and improve productivity.


Q: What is a 1000L brewing system?

A: A 1000L brewing system is a brewery setup with a total capacity of 1000 liters (approximately 264 gallons). It includes various containers and equipment used in the beer production process.

Q: What components does the 1000L brewing system consist of?

A: A typical 1000L brewing system consists of a mash tun, lauter tun, boil kettle, hot liquor tank (HLT), fermenter, cooling system, control panel, pumps and often extra equipment for specific brewing needs.

Q: Is this system suitable for start-up breweries?

A: Yes, 1000L brewing systems are usually a good choice for start-up breweries. It provides reasonable production capacity while providing room for expansion as your brewery grows.

Q: Can I use this system to expand my production?

A: Yes, a 1000L brewing system can be expanded by adding more fermenters or increasing batch frequency to meet growing demand.

Q: What maintenance does the equipment need?

A: Routine cleaning and sanitation are critical to keeping your equipment sanitary. Regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning of tanks, pipes and pumps are necessary for optimal operation.