Qu'est-ce qu'une soupape de surpression et pourquoi est-elle importante en brasserie ?

Qu'est-ce qu'une soupape de surpression et pourquoi est-elle importante en brasserie ?

Les soupapes de sûreté sont un élément essentiel du processus de brassage. Elles sont conçues pour protéger l'équipement contre les surpressions, garantissant ainsi un environnement sûr et contrôlé pour le processus de brassage. Dans cet article, nous verrons ce qu'est une soupape de sûreté, pourquoi elle est importante pour le brassage et comment l'entretenir correctement.

What is a Pressure Relief Valve?

A pressure relief valve is a safety device designed to automatically relieve excess pressure in a system, preventing equipment damage or failure. It works by opening at a pre-determined pressure, releasing the excess pressure from the system. The valve typically consists of a spring-loaded mechanism and a disc that opens when the pressure exceeds a set limit.

Why is a Pressure Relief Valve Important in Brewing?

In brewing, pressure relief valves are crucial for maintaining a safe and controlled environment. During the brewing process, gases such as carbon dioxide are produced, which can cause pressure to build up in tanks and vessels. If left unchecked, this pressure can cause equipment damage or failure, posing a safety risk to personnel. Pressure relief valves are used to ensure that the pressure is released in a controlled and safe manner, protecting both equipment and personnel.

Check the pressure relief valve

PRVs and VRVs (Vacuum Relief Valves) are important safety components for fermenters, beer tanks and other brewery vessels. VRVs prevent water tanks from collapsing like beer cans, while PRVs prevent catastrophic ruptures that could injure passers-by. Some devices release both pressure and vacuum, or you can install both.

A PRV either has a spring rated for a certain pressure, or a brittle rod that fails when a certain pressure is exceeded. Some designs are adjustable, but most are factory set. A common cause of tank failure is the buildup of fermentation residues in the PRV, preventing the mechanism from working . You should determine the frequency of inspection and cleaning .

Check the pressure relief valve

The Importance of Vacuum Valves

The vacuum relief valve protects your tank from vacuum failure by allowing air to enter your tank when internal pressure begins to drop. Your fermenters and bright tanks are an important investment for your brewery.

Purchasing the right size vacuum relief valve is an important step. Because tank designs vary, and no two breweries use the exact same cleaning regimen, valve manufacturers will often size the valve to your unique application.

How to Properly Maintain a Pressure Relief Valve

Proper maintenance of pressure relief valves is essential to ensure their reliability and functionality. It is recommended to inspect and test pressure relief valves regularly to ensure they are working correctly. The valve should be visually inspected for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage, and the set pressure should be verified using a calibrated gauge. If any issues are found, the valve should be repaired or replaced as necessary.


Pressure relief valves are an essential safety device in the brewing process, designed to protect equipment and personnel from the risks of overpressure. Understanding what a pressure relief valve is, why it is important in brewing, and how to properly maintain it is crucial for ensuring a safe and controlled environment in the brewing process. By following proper maintenance procedures, brewers can ensure that their pressure relief valves are reliable and functional, providing a critical layer of safety for their brewing operations.

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