Geist Brewing Co. OMR

Bengaluru 560 047, India

This is a 3HL container brewery project built in year 2019, the full brewery was installed in a 40ft’ container, including three vessel brewhouse(mash tun, lauter tun, kettle & whirlpool), 8hl CLT & HLT (electric) and 4 * 3hl fermenters, glycol chiller, and controlling system. Micet and Beerworks are long term brewery equipment supplier in India, and has been worked together for a few years, including fermentation tanks and some full project cases.

Beerworks Restaurants and Microbrewery Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company behind Geist, a high-quality ‘designed for Indians’ craft beer brand. Located in Bengaluru, our Hoskote-based brewery has a current capacity to produce about 700000 litres annually for three variants of wheat beers – Witty Wit (Belgian style Witbier), Weiss Guy (German-style hefeweizen) and Uncle Dunkel (German-style dunkelweizen). Our beers are currently available in over 20+ restaurants and pubs across Bengaluru.

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