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Get Your Mobile Brewing on the Road

MICET has rich experiences to design and manufacture container brewery solution, we have installed the mobile solutions in many countries, such as Germany, India and Denmark, which the concept is from our Southern Africa partners, a container brewery system integrate a complete brewing process from raw materials handling all the way to packaging. The container brewing system can be fit into a 40-foot container, and has an annual production capacity ranging from 70 to 1,000 tons. The size of the equipment can start from 200L, 300L, 500L until 1000L, whatever in a 20ft’ or 40ft’ container.

Advantage and what you will need to consider if you want to start a mobile brewery?

  1. For a “plug and play” brewing system, container solution can produce beer wherever water and electricity are available;
  2. It can not only save the space and startup cost, but also more convenient to move;
  3. This system are installing at the turn-key line, same as normal brewing line, including milling, brewhouse, fermenters, bright tanks, cooling, cleaning, controlling to filling or serving system;
  4. The container type is optional, you can choose a new or 90% percent new container according to your budget;
  5. For drain solution: the container floor is equipped with stainless steel plate, which is unti-skidding and convenient to drain after brewing;
  6. You should consider the supply of the gas or electric supply in the parking area of the container, to choose best heating solution.
  7. The brewery normal brewing temperature in the room should be maintained at more then 10 ℃, if your local temperature is high than 25 ℃, you will need to consider to equip an air conditioner inside to cool down.
Mobile Brewery

Scene Display

Scene Display
This is a 3HL container brewery project built in year 2019, the full brewery was installed in a 40ft’ container, including three vessel brewhouse(mash tun, lauter tun, kettle & whirlpool), 8hl CLT & HLT (electric) and 4 * 3hl fermenters, glycol chiller, and controlling system. Micet and Beerworks are long term brewery equipment supplier in India, and has been worked together for a few years, including fermentation tanks and some full project cases.

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