Kombucha Fermentation Tank

This device used to ferment Kombucha, uses high quality stainless steel.

Whether you are someone who loves kombucha and interesting in making small batches to enjoy at home, or brew larger batches to keg and serve on draft, we have small to large kombucha fermenters for all sizes!

Micet Group kombucha brewing equipment includes the kombucha brewing skid, fermentation tank, mixing tank, kombucha filter, bottle filler and washer.

The core specifications as below:

The kettle normally use the electric to heat. If the size of kettle over the 10bbl, we suggest to use the steam heating by boiler

  • The hot water tank can be optional for using to prepare hot water in advance
  • The sugar mixing tank is using to mix the sugar before transfering the fermentation tank
  • The platform is designed with water leaking and unti-skidding
  • The plate exchanger use for quickly cooling the hot tea to room temp, some brewers also use hopgun to recycle the tea
  • The semi-automatic control system is suitable, the auto-temp control system for the kettle, the pump VFD function, the anti-dry protection for heating, the low level alarm, and the auto water supply and measure as a option.

Kombucha Fermentation Tank (200L – 1500L)

Brewing Kombucha requires only 3 main pieces of brewing equipment: Kombucha Brewery – Kombucha Fermenter – Kombucha Finishing Tank – all meticulously designed and fabricated using ancient kombucha brewing wisdom and the latest cutting-edge technology.

Site Requirements

  • Food-grade 304/316 stainless steel construction
  • Double-wall with dimpled cooling jacket on shell and cone
  • 25% oversized headspace for fermentation on top
  • Full sanitary tri-clamped sampling valve
  • Top pressure or side shadowless manhole
  • PT100 temperature thermowell with sensor
  • Pressure relief valve with pressure gauge
  • Liquid level display on the sidewall
  • Rotation racking arm on the cone
  • 360°coverage CIP spraying ball
  • Heavy-duty legs with adjustable bolts
  • Safety valve on top of the tank
  • 60° cone for yeast dumping outlet
  • Separate blow-off pipe & CIP optional
  • Carbonation stone optional
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1500L Kombucha Brewhouse

1000L Kombucha Brewhouse

Kombucha Fermenter 1000L

Kombucha Fermenter 1000L

1000L Kombucha Brewhouse

1500L Kombucha Brewhouse

Kombucha Fermenter 1500L

Kombucha Fermenter 1500L

Why choose micet to supply kombucha brewing equipment?

When you choose a kombucha brewery system from Micet Group, you are quality-assured of the highest international standards of equipment. Our kombucha-making equipment is guaranteed to be efficient, consistent, and capable of replicating and repeating the production process with precision and reliability every time.

  • Energy saving, Easy to operate
  • Customize the production capacities according to size of premises
  • Heating method is optional according to your local power or gas cost
  • All jackets will be tested by using air pressure and 48hours water leaking testing before leaving the Micet factory
  • All the welds are full TIG welded by water spray method to ensure uniform weld pattern and are then acid pickled and passivated
  • Easy installation on skids
  • Adapts to expansion with modular components
  • 1 or 2 vessel systems available
  • Agitation mixer optional
Local craft beer brewery based in Singapore, with a delicious range of fresh beers that everyone can. Trouble brewing company is a brewery that not only make beer but also kombucha, they purchased brew kettle, fermentation tanks, bright tanks. And they expanded their brewery in 2022 and added more fermenters.

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