Why Small-Batch is right for you?

Bigger is not always better

Here are some questions to consider when determining a perfect small batch brewery system:

  • Small Batch Experimentation – Brewing unique beers, recipes testing for commercial brewery.
  • Different Business Model What type of business do you want to start? brewpub, nano brewery with a taproom, or production brewery with complete bottling, canning, or barreling lines.
  • Minimal Start-up Cost – Brewing can be quite a financial investment, a small batch brewery can take you the possibility to realize your dream by a lower startup cost.
  • Takes Up Less Space – need 100-800 square feet.

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Small Batch Brewery System (1 HL – 10 HL)

When estimating the price of your investment, We have Multiple types of equipment are available as well as brewery equipment financing options to help you start up and running.

Site Requirements

  • Height Specifications: Small Batch Brewery Equipment (1 HL – 10 HL) and require a ceiling height of 10.5 ft. (custom heights available)
  • Drainage: 4″ inch floor drain is preferred;
  • Electrical: 3 phase/380(220, 415, 480…)v/50(60)Hz; Single Phase/220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz
  • Heating Method: Electric/steam/direct fire heating
  • Control Level: PID display control panel, PLC semi-automatic touch screen panel, PLC fully automatic control panel
  • Welding: TIG 100% full welding joints
  • Polishing Accuracy: ≤0.4μm
  • Other: water, air, CO2, and an internet connection for remote access.
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300L small batch system

300L 2 Vessel brewery system 8.5 ft high (2.5 m)

  • Brewing Batch: 1-2 brew/day
  • Heat Exchange Area: 0.45㎡
  • Required Area: 35m²
  • Power: 12kw
500L small batch system

500L nano brewery system 8.5ft high (2.5 m)

  • Brewing Batch: 1-2 brew/day
  • Heat Exchange Area: 0.70㎡
  • Required Area: 55m²
  • Power: 15-40kw
1000L Small batch system

1000L small batch brewery system (3m)

  • Brewing Batch: 1-2 brew/day
  • Heat Exchange Area: 2㎡
  • Required Area: 90m²
  • Power: 25-80kw

Detailed Specifications














10-30 HL

16-48 HL

20-60 HL

30-90 HL

40-120 HL

150-300 HL

180-360 HL

210-420 HL

240-360 HL

Area Request










Brew Master











Interior Shell: SUS304; TH=3㎜; Exterior Shell:SUS304; TH=2㎜ / red copper


Electric / Steam / Dirct fire for optional


3 phase / 380 (220, 415, 440...) v/50(60)Hz

Customers Say…

The size and capacity of the brewhouse depends on what scale beer production is planned by the client.

Bastet Brewery

Spoke with Bastet brewing Co.,, they love the system, thank you for you and your team for a amazing job, making great beer and happy for the quality.

Luke Erdody

Bastet Brewing Co.,

Brasseriesirjohn Brewery

Hi, installed Sir John yesterday, and I was very amazed by the quality! Much improvements on the inside pipe weld! Beside the pump not aligning correctly there is nothing that I saw that needs fixing.

Xavier Lorieux

Brasserie Sir John Brewing co.