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Brewing on an industrial scale

Here are some questions to consider when determining a commercial brewery system:

  • Expanding Your Brewery – We can provide you with brewery equipment up to 100HL.
  • The space, time, or budget challenges – Micet marketing team of experts will help you expand your current system or start from scratch with a greenfield project.
  • Innovative Designs, Large Brewery Technologies – Customize equipment to fit your specific needs as a brewer.

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We offer complete commercial brewing systems that include all the tanks, control panels, pipes, and fittings required to make any brewing operation successful… We are here to help you make good business decisions!

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Commercial Brewery System (30 HL – 100 HL)

The value there for us is not only do you have the engineering capability, but the brewing knowledge behind that…

Site Requirements

  • Specifications: Commercial Brewery Equipment (30 HL – 100 HL)
  • Heating Method: Steam heating through gas steam boiler
  • Control Level: PLC semi-automatic touch screen panel, PLC fully automatic control panel
  • Heating area: Customized according to capacity
  • Power: Customization as per heating method
  • Voltage: 3 phase/380(220, 415,480…) v/50(60)Hz; Single Phase/220(110, 240…) v/50(60)Hz.
  • Brewmaster Quantity: 2-3 for Semi-automatic system, 1-2 for fully automatic system
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Micet Group 30HL commercial brewery equipment

20HL 4 Vessel Steam Heated Commercial Brewery Equipment 

  • Brewing Batch: 1-3 brew/day
  • Require ceiling height: 16ft’
  • Heat Transfer Efficiency: ≥90%
  • Heat Exchange Area: 3.5㎡
  • Required Area: 200m²
30HL 5 Vessels commercial brewery equipment

30HL 5 Vessel Steam Heated Commercial Brewery Equipment

  • Brewing Batch: 1-5 brew/day
  • Require ceiling height: 20ft’
  • Heat Transfer Efficiency: ≥90%
  • Heat Exchange Area: 4.6㎡
  • Required Area: 350m²
5000L commercial brewery equipment

50HL 6 Vessel Steam Heated Commercial Brewery Equipment

  • Brewing Batch: 2-10 brew/day
  • Require ceiling height: 28ft’
  • Heat Transfer Efficiency: ≥90%
  • Heat Exchange Area: 8.6㎡
  • Required Area: 650m²

Why Choose Micet Group Commercial Brewing Equipment for Your Brewery?

Safe to use
All the construction material of our brewing vessels used are SUS304 high quality food grade materials, which are certified by the SGS company.

Our commercial beer brewing equipment has separate GFCI breakers. On the rare chance that an element fails, your panel will still function, and your brew session can continue.

Easy to Clean
Our commercial brewing systems have sanitary construction with food grade valves, sanitary welds and tri-clamp fittings. Spend less time cleaning, and more time brewing delicious brews.

Long-term Durability
Our beer brewing systems are engineered to commercial standards and are built to last years of brewing.

Wort Protection
With our Ultra-Low watt density elements, plus our ability to lower the element’s power (which makes the watt density proportionally lower), there is no scorching or off-flavours.

Low Cost Steam Vent
With our commercial brew kettles, use condensate stack or steam condenser to vent the steam. Steam MUST be properly ventilated to avoid serious mould and potential health safety issues in your building.

Customers Say…

The size and capacity of the brewhouse depends on what scale beer production is planned by the client.

Saperlot d.o.o.

Everything came without any damage, you secure all great, tomorrow we start positioning and assembly.

You’re now invited to our facility so we can make an interview and you can post us as your any references of a very happy client, we tell everyone where we bought.

Marijana Staneković

Saperlot d.o.o.

Two by two brewing Co.,

Finally the team has arrived home. I am very happy with what I have seen and with the general quality of the finals and I want to thank you very much. We still can not install it because we have not finished the factory building, but soon we will do it and send you photos.

We are very happy with the brewery you sold us, the brewers who saw it liked it, and asked us where they made them, cheers.

Rob MacLeod

Two by two brewing Co.,