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Micet Craft is a manufacturer of high-end brewery equipment in China. We provide professional brewery equipment to the world.

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Frequently Questions

Before you start procuring equipment, you need to have a clear cut of what you want to achieve with your brewing plant.

  • What types of beer will I be producing?
  • What’s my anticipated production capacity per week?
  • Which brewing process am I adopting?
  • Which Brewery System is right for me?

Having answered these questions, click to view our brewery solutions.

Micet Group has all-around project management of brewery project, which can ensure on-time delivery of the brewing project and beer plant.

For the beer factory project, even it is a small tank, we will offer the customer detailed project progress.

Confirm the delivery date and manufacturing schedule, and report the progress to customers with photos and videos.

All the raw materials and accessories will have strict inspection before unloading.

Following the production process, especially the technical review, all the manufacturing drawings and PID drawings of brewing system will be confirmed with customers.

We will make a detailed inspection plan when you come to Micet Group factory to inspect the beer system, we will prepare your visiting schedule, meals and hotel.

Return visit of customer brewery, provide beer consulting service.

We would be happy to provide you with a customized quote to meet your commercial brewing project needs. You can contact us here.

As for our quality, all our raw materials used are stainless steel 304 or 316 material, the plate is all perfect 3mm and 2mm, some manufacturers with low prices, but they are 2.7mm. Another importantly is all of our workers are from the South of China, which is famous for good workmanship.

Our factory have strict quality control and process inspection & testing system to make sure you get the quality you expect and delivery on time. Each of our orders shipment will have 5 inspection steps and the inspection record from materials in checking, production process, jacket pressure testing by water and air, finished product inspection and 48 hours water testing, equipment packing and loading inspection, finished product to the delivery and packing process, etc. Every of our tank will have the data plate with the pressure testing record and serial numbers to track. Testing 12hours with air and water, jacket testing pressure is 5Bar, internal shell testing pressure is 4Bar, and before packing we will also have 48hours water testing, which all these testing record will show on our data late with the tanks shipping.

Also for packing and shipping, we also have our strict standards, the shipping department will work out the checking list and pack them in wooden box, you will receive a checking list with everything we shipped.

  • Sales & engineers could be keeping 24 hours online for service.
  • Micet Group provides a 3 year warranty on tanks sold with manufacturing defects from the factory.
  • Micet Group provides a 1 year warranty on tank accessories&electronic components provided they are used under the scope.
  • Micet Group does not cover damage to tanks from unloading of tanks at customer site, damage resulting from improper use of tanks for products other than beer or appropriate beverage, damage from exceeding designed tanks pressure, damage from CIP or cleaning, usage above and beyond the scope of the tanks design.

This is not a question that can be answered very accurately, because every brewery has different requirements. If your brewery is too small, your space will be crowded. If your space is too large, you will waste a lot of money on startup costs and the space will not be well utilized. But we can provide you with some tips: 3BBL~5BBL brewery equipment needs about 300~500 square feet, and 7BBL~15BBL brewery equipment needs about 550~1200 square feet. Of course, if you need relatively accurate numbers, welcome to leave us a message.

You require to consider a collection of aspects to determine the dimension of your brewery. That consists of:

  1. Yearly manufacturing ability&barrels of beer to make each year.
  2. Business version you will plan and how much m2 you will certainly need for your microbrewery.
    • nano-brewery with no circulation as well as a taproom
    • brewpub offering on-site usage just
    • Manufacturing brewery with total kegging, canning line, and also bottling lines

As you can inform, you will certainly not locate a one-size-fits-all dimension need. It is hard to respond to, however an important response to identify.

If your brewery is also little, you will certainly be crowded with area. You squander cash on the start-up rate for square video footage, which will not be used if your brewery is as well huge.

For professional technical support, please click here.

The timeline to manufacture your commercial craft beer equipment will be based on the details of your project scope. Our dedicated sales team at Micet Group would be happy to discuss your project scope and provide you a deliverable estimate.

We are manufacture of brewhouse in 2 vessel, 3 vessel and 4 vessel configurations and provide commercial brewery from 1HL to 100HL sizes for a wide range brewery needs.

Yes, we support product customization.

We are a factory, so you can tell our sales manager about the product requirements, and our engineers will design your own drawings for you.

Normally our production circle is from 30-50working days depending on the order.

For the time being, from the day we get your deposit to the delivery we are looking at 90-150 days at your door delivery. Our leadtime will vary depending on our factory workload but we do like to keep honest leadtimes so there is no surprises except getting the equipment earlier that what it was suppose to.

The cost of a brewery depends on a range of factors, including size, style, heat source, cellar tanks, and the level of automation.

Choosing the right brewery location first depends on your project type, do you want to be a pub-type brewery or a brewery? If it is a bar, it is recommended to choose a place close to the city center with a lot of traffic, so that you can have more customers. If it is a winery, a place close to the countryside, so your rent will be relatively cheaper, and the factory area should be equipped with greenery, there should be a good drainage system, and a waste water and waste gas treatment system must be provided.

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