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How to choose bottle/cans filling machines for my brewery?

We can supply semi-automatic filling equipment or automatic filling line, for both cans and bottles, if your brewery daily beer output is 500L and your bottle is 330ml/450ml, but you have a tight budget below 10,000USD, you can choose our 4 or 6heads bottle filler, which the filling capacity is 300-400bph, you can finish your filling within 1-2hours. If your brewery production capacity is much bigger, more than 1000L perday, and you want to finish filling within a limited time, you can choose fully automatic filling machines, which the filling capacity can be realized from 500b-2000bottles easily, the budget is much higher too, normally from 15,000-30,000USD.

First of all, you need to consider the source of wort for distilled alcohol. Do you use diluted wort or do you need to make wort? If diluted wort, it does not require previous mashing equipment, pure wort needs to be made with a mash tun, hot water tank, Fermentation tanks and other wort brewing equipment.

Secondly, analyze the type of still you want to make, if includes both high-strength vodka and low-strength whiskey and gin, you can choose a multi-functional distiller, it comes with whiskey head, gin basket, and distiller column. A partial condenser is set in the middle and it is possible to choose whether the alcohol gas should be finely distilled or not according to the type of wine to be brewed.

If you want distillation equipment, you can click here.

First of all, you need to have an approximate location of the expected factory in mind, and investigate the local people’s demand for beer, so that you can determine the output, and our engineers can make corresponding recommendations for you based on your output.

Secondly, according to the budget you can invest in this project, we will recommend suitable brewery equipment for you.

Then, the size of the plant is also a key factor, if you already have a premise, you can tell us the size. If not, you can see what is expected and how much can afford the investment of factory building; so that our engineers can also recommend suitable brewing equipment for you according to the size of the factory building.

  1. Normally, we will send engineers to install equipment. If the customer does not need it, we will also provide a complete installation files to clients.
  2. Firstly, we will mark the brewhouse piping with numbers, provide the installation flow chart of brewhouse, refrigeration piping and steam piping connection diagrams, etc. As well as equipment installation instruction and operation manuals, etc.
  3. We’ll also build an installing service group, our engineers will guide how to install and provide technical support online;
  4. Micet Group also has local sales agent in many countries, who can go to site to install and debug the equipment for you by a service fee charged.
What size of brewing system needs to equip with grain auger?

Normally the brewhouse above 1000L needs to equip with grain auger, as the 1000L brewhouse is relatively higher, better to use the automatic grain transfering system to save labor. Normally 1000L brewhouse can equip 1000kgs/h auger, 2000L brewhouse can equip 2000kgs/h auger, but also depend on the hopper volume and the grain feeding capacity per brew.

Firstly you must consider that you will only need to add more tanks, or do you need to replace the whole set of equipment? If just add more vessels, then how many tanks to be added? Or you need to consider how much production to be expanded, and engineers can calculate the amount of tanks required.

After increased the fermenters, can your current refrigeration equipment afford all tanks of refrigeration? Is there any extra electronics on the control cabinet? This will decide if you need to add additional refrigeration chiller and control panel.

addition, whether your current factory space can accommodate the increased vessels.

Micet Group provides a 3 year warranty on tanks sold with manufacturing defects from the factory. MICET does not cover damage to tanks from unloading of tanks at customer site, damage resulting from improper use of tanks for products other than beer or appropriate beverage, damage from exceeding designed tanks pressure, damage from CIP or cleaning, usage above and beyond the scope of the tanks design. MICET provides a 1 year warranty on tank accessories&electronic components provided they are used under the scope.

Our goal is to do every step well to improve product quality and avoid after-sales problems. Pursue good customer evaluation and customer satisfaction degree is our ultimate goal.

But if there is any damage, leaking or missing parts, MICET will be responsible for repairing or sending replacements within 7days.


Yes, we are glad to help to ship the brewery equipment from our factory to your brewery address, you just need to provide us a detailed address; if you have your own shipping agent, you can also let your agent to collect the goods from our factory and ship to your brewery as well as do customs declare directly; the third way is that we can ship the equipment to your nearest port, you can let your local customs agent to do import customs declare and hire a truck to transport the container to your brewery.

Since we have been in this industry for many years, so we know some competitors well. But to be honest, I don’t know much, because I have been in Micet Group, and sometimes I will listen to my clients chatting about other suppliers. Actually in recent years, their business focus has gradually shifted to the Chinese mainland market, while their overseas influence has somewhat decreased. We can’t tell you something that I’m not sure about, but we’re sure that Micet Group’s reputation will be better in the global market. What is certain is that under the premise of ensuring quality (quality is the endorsement of products. Micet Group’s philosophy is not to produce or sell low-quality products) we also have obvious price advantages. In the context of rising raw material and labor costs, we have not raised prices, among the best competitors, we have an absolute price advantage. It is clear that we can reduce the profit of each single order so as to pursue long-term cooperation and trust. Our business philosophy and value are closely related to product quality and equally important. I believe you have chosen Micet Group correctly, and if you have the opportunity, welcome to Jinan, Shandong, and we sincerely invite you to learn more about our products and our company.

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