2000L 自動商業ビール醸造システム

2000L 自動商業ビール醸造システム

The market for automated brewing systems is vast, offering a variety of options for amateur brewers and experienced brewers alike. In recent years, there has been growing interest in automated brewing systems for beer and other alcoholic beverages. These systems can provide a variety of benefits, including increased efficiency and consistency.

Automated commercial brewing system

The 2000L Automatic Brewing Commercial System is an all-in-one device that simplifies the beer brewing process. These systems combine the functions of many traditional brewing vessels into a single unit, often made from durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel. Automated brewing systems are advanced tools used by breweries to streamline the beer brewing process. Leveraging modern technology, these systems can automate many aspects of brewing, such as temperature regulation, stirring, and timing, that before required constant attention and manual intervention.

Automated commercial brewing system

2000L Brewery Equipment Specifications

  • Effective volume: 2000L; Total volume: 2500L
  • 材質:SUS304/SUS316ステンレス
  • 制御システムPLC シーメンスまたは PID シュナイダー/ABB ブランド
  • 暖房方式:電気/スチーム/直火暖房
  • Power: 92kW
  • 電圧:三相/380(220,415,480...)v/50(60)Hz; 単相/220(110,240...)v/50(60)Hz
  • 淹れる頻度:1~2回/日
  • 熱伝達効率: ≥90%
  • Polishing accuracy: ≤4μm
  • Heat exchange area: 3.5㎡
  • Area required: 200 square meters

Note: 1 hl = 100 liters; 1 gallon = 3.7854 liters; 1 barrel (BBL) = 117 liters

Types of Commercial Automated Brewing Systems

  • Pilot systems: These are small systems, often used for experimental brewing or by startups looking to test their recipes before scaling up. They have a capacity of 50L to 200L.
  • Microbrewery systems: Ideal for craft breweries and local pubs, these systems can produce batches of beer from 200L to 1000L. They often have semi-automated capabilities and are cost-effective for small businesses.
  • Large-scale brewing systems: These are giant breweries, large breweries suitable for mass production. With capacities over 5000L, these systems feature a range of advanced features to ensure consistency in large batches.
  • Specialty brewing systems: These systems are designed for a specific type of beer (such as a stout, IPA, or lager) and feature specialized equipment that enhances the flavor and character of the specific beer type.

Choosing the right type of system is crucial. Factors such as your target market, production scale, and the type of beer you plan to produce will all influence your choice. It’s also a wise decision to consider future expansion when considering capacity.

2000L automated brewing system configuration


  • 粒度調整可能なローリングクラッシャー
  • Flexible or steel augers can lift ground grains directly into the mash tun

2000L Brewery Unit

  • Mash/filtration barrel, boiling/whirlpool barrel 2 container combination
  • オプションの温水タンクと冷水タンクの特別な組み合わせ
  • The brewing method of infusion or decoction is carefully designed
  • メンテナンスと清掃が容易なステンレススチールが人気で、オプションで銅製クラッドもあります。
  • 麦汁冷却用の二段式または一段式熱交換器
  • オールステンレス製作業足場
  • 衛生的で効率的な麦汁ポンプ
  • すべてのパイプと継手

2000l 発酵タンク system

  • スタンダードなステンレス製円錐型発酵槽
  • Small breweries typically use single or double size breweries
  • The number of tanks is accurately calculated based on the fermentation cycle of various beers
  • すべての穴、バルブ、圧力計、付属品などが含まれます。

Fresh beer can device

  • スタンダードなステンレス製円錐型発酵槽
  • 小規模な醸造所ではシングルまたはダブルサイズの醸造所を使用
  • 各種ビールの発酵サイクルに基づいてタンク数を算出
  • すべての穴、バルブ、圧力計、付属品などが含まれます。


  • グリコール液体を収容し混合するための、銅コイル付きまたは銅コイルなしの断熱グリコール水タンク
  • 冷却エネルギーにフロンを使用する高効率冷凍機または冷蔵庫
  • タンクと熱交換器間のグリコール水循環用サニタリー遠心ポンプ
  • Includes all pipes, fittings, insulation materials


  • 醸造室の温度とスイッチを制御するための電気制御キャビネット
  • 温度および冷却コンポーネントのスイッチ制御を備えた電気制御キャビネット
  • 温度調節器、熱電対、電磁弁などを含む。
  • 特別な要件を満たすタッチスクリーンパネルを備えたPLC


  • Barrel filling and rinsing machine
  • Semi-automatic bottling machine with functions of rinsing, filling, capping, labeling, etc.

Characteristics of Commercial Automated Brewing

  • Automated control: The core of the automated brewing system is its digital control panel. This interface allows you to program and watch the entire brewing process, including steeping grains (mashing), boiling wort, and controlling fermentation temperature. Some systems even offer smartphone connectivity, allowing you to control and watch your brew .
  • 統合された発熱体: 自動抽出システムにより、別個のケトルと熱源が不要になります。各醸造段階に必要な正確な温度まで水を上昇させる発熱体が内蔵されています。
  • ポンプと濾過: 多くのシステムには、マッシングプロセス中に麦汁を循環させ、段階間を移送するためのポンプが装備されています。さらに、一部のシステムには、マッシング後に麦汁を使用済み穀物から分離するためのフィルターが組み込まれています。
  • 洗浄システム: 自動洗浄サイクルは多くのシステムで人気のある機能であり、困難なことが多い抽出後の洗浄プロセスを簡素化します。

Advantages of Commercial Automated Brewing Systems

  • Consistency: the most important advantage, automated brewing systems provide unparalleled consistency. Whether brewing the same type of beer every day or replicating a seasonal beer months later, this system ensures each batch meets the required parameters, delivering a reliable product to consumers every time.
  • Efficiency: Automation speeds up the brewing process. These systems simplify operation with precise control of temperature, time, and mixture. The result is faster turnaround times, which means the brewery can produce more batches in the same time frame.
  • Resource Management: Automated systems are designed to optimize resource use. This ensures that raw material waste is minimized, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Reduced labor: Automation reduces manual intervention. While there are some aspects of brewing where manual labor is irreplaceable, many repetitive and labor-intensive tasks can be automated. This not only reduces labor costs but also minimizes human error.
  • Scalability: As a brewery grows, its needs will change. Automated brewing systems are designed with scalability in mind. Whether increasing production capacity or integrating new features, these systems can grow with the needs of the brewery.