10HL stainless steel beer brewing equipment

10HL stainless steel beer brewing equipment

The 10HL brewery system is one of the most popular models of all our equipment. used in the catering industry, such as bars, hotels, restaurants or emerging industrial breweries. Restaurant microbrewery equipment is less complex than commercial or independent breweries. Restaurant beer brewing equipment is only equipped with the most basic machines, including brewery, fermentation tanks, fresh beer tanks, glycol cooling systems, control systems, and cleaning systems. Microbrewery is “turnkey” and the capabilities of your small brewery (brewery and mini-brewery) can be expanded in the future.

Advantages of 10HL beer brewing equipment

Durability and hygiene

Stainless steel is the gold standard for brewing equipment due to its superior durability and corrosion resistance. The 10HL system is made of stainless steel ensuring a long service life and minimizing the risk of contamination.


The 10HL capacity can achieve efficient production, meet the needs of medium-sized breweries, and increase the brewery’s production capacity.


The 10HL stainless steel brewing system can accommodate a variety of beer styles. Whether craft beers, pale ales, dark beers or experimental beers, this versatile device can adapt to different brewing processes and recipes.

10HL beer brewing equipment

10HL Types of Breweries

2 vessel brewery: mash/filter tank + boil/whirlpool tank + hot water tank

3 vessel brewery: mash barrel + filter tank + boiling whirlpool tank

4 vessel brewery: mash barrel + filter tank + boiling tank + whirlpool tank

Mash tun

From here enter the mash tun, which is the first tank of the 10HL brewery. The mash tun was chosen with a 10HL capacity and extra headspace, allowing us to brew higher strength beers .

Filter bucket

The lauter bucket is our second boat. It’s extra wide to also accommodate higher gravity beers and features a removable stainless steel wire false bottom for effective grain separation.


The lauter tun feeds the clarified wort into one of our two combination kettle whirlpools, which are steam jacketed and have individual zone controls for efficient heating. When brewing clean-tasting, shelf-stable beer, it’s important to be able to produce clear wort.

10HL Brewery Specifications

  • Output/Brewing 1000L (10HL)
  • Brewing/2nd to 6th week
  • Output/week 14~30BBL
  • Power supply: three-phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
  • Single phase/220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz
  • Heating source
  • Area requirement>60M2

10HL brewery configuration

10HL mash configuration

  • Various combinations of mash barrels, lauter barrels, boiling pots, and whirlpool barrels
  • Special combination of optional hot water tank and cold water tank
  • The brewing method of infusion or decoction is designed
  • Stainless steel or copper cladding is popular
  • Two-stage or single-stage heat exchanger for wort cooling
  • All stainless steel integrated work platform
  • Hygienic and efficient wort pump
  • All pipes and fittings

10HL stainless steel beer brewing equipment

10HL fermentation configuration

  • Standard stainless steel conical fermentation tank
  • Single size as breweries are often used in restaurants
  • The number of tanks is calculated based on the fermentation cycle of various beers
  • Includes all holes, valves, pressure gauges, accessories, etc.

10HL bright tank unit

  • Standard stainless steel bright tanks for beer maturation, conditioning, serving, and carbonation
  • Double-sized breweries are common
  • calculate the number of cans and functions of various beers
  • Includes all manholes, valves, stones, instruments, accessories, etc.

Cooling device

  • Insulated glycol water tanks with or without copper coils for containing and mixing glycol liquids
  • High efficiency chiller

Control unit

  • Electrical control cabinet for temperature and switch control in the brewing room
  • Electrical control cabinet with temperature and cooling component switch control
  • Including temperature controller, thermocouple, solenoid valve, etc.
  • PLC with touch screen panel to meet special requirements

Beer machine

  • Beer dispensing columns and taps for direct beer delivery
  • Keg filling and cleaning machine
  • Self-use manual bottling machine

Other facilities

  • Portable CIP system for cleaning storage tanks
  • Steam boiler for brewery heating
  • Water treatment of brewing water
  • Oil-free air compressor

Technical Standard Description

  • 304 SS or 316LSS or copper
  • Each tank has at least 30% headspace
  • Electric mash mixer, filter rake and lees plow
  • The entire system uses Siemens motors/pumps
  • Stainless steel process pipes, work cabinets, control cabinets
  • Siemens/Schneider/Omron electrical components
  • Visual liquid level indicator on fermentation system
  • Insulate with at least 100 mm of chlorine-free PU insulation.
  • Internal polishing: polishing to 0.4μm without dead corners
  • The adjustable leveler provides a liquid level tank regardless of the slope of the ground
  • All gaskets are made of EPDM

10HL fermentation tank

How much does 10HL stainless steel beer brewing equipment cost?

The complete standard brewery configuration includes six parts: grain mill, brewery, fermentation tank, glycol cooling device, control device, and CIP device. Different configurations have different costs. So, equipment cost is an important factor that we need to compare during the planning stage. If you want to know more, you can contact Micet, which can provide you with more professional services.

Why choose Micet?

Product quality control

Our factory implements 5S management, and there are professional and strict inspections and tests after each process is completed. Each order has strict inspection records, from material inspection and reference, detailed production schedule and final product inspection to delivery and packaging. Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the highest quality equipment.

Product technology

MICET production follows the highest quality production standards, using water-cooled welding, uniform corrugated steam and cooling jackets to ensure uniform heating and cooling. All welds are passivated and polished according to customer requirements.

After-sales warranty service

MICET offers a 3-year warranty on tanks sold that are free of manufacturing defects. MIET does not cover damage to tanks caused by unloading tanks at the customer’s site, damage caused by improper use of tanks to contain products other than beer or appropriate beverages, damage caused by exceeding design tank pressure. MICET offers a 1 year warranty on auxiliary equipment and accessories provided they are used within limits of pressure, temperature or improper handling. ​

Our team

The owner of MICET has 9 years of international sales experience and understands the needs of customers in different countries. Trustworthiness, emphasis on quality and service, and ensuring customer satisfaction with the equipment delivered place MICET at the top of the equipment manufacturing field.

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