Control System

What kind of control system do I need to choose for my brewery?

First of all, we have two different control systems, semi-automatic PID control, semi-automatic PLC control and fully automatic PLC control system. How to choose depends on the size of your brewery, production capacity, frequency of beer brewing, and labor costs. If your employees have limited hours and you don’t want to hire too many people and want to minimize the time people spend on operations, then fully automated equipment may be a good option. For small equipment less than 3BBL, the number of fermentation tanks is not very large, it is recommended to use PID semi-automatic. If you want a slightly higher level, you can choose PLC semi-automatic, all operations can be transferred to the PLC screen.

Will you provide all the wires for connecting the brewhouse?

Normally we will only provide the control lines and signal lines that connects our equipment, PT100, motors, pumps, chillers and heating element to the control panel, but from the control panel to the your power supply, you will need to purchase power lines by yourself, as different country has different requirements on this, China standard maybe not meet local request.

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