When you decide which heating way is suitable for you, you need to consider following factors:

  • Location – are you in a residential or industrial area? Or is it a farm?
  • Budget – What is your brewery startup budget?
  • Architecture – Are you a brewery for small spaces?
  • Utilities – What type of electricity does your area use? What are the prices for gas and electricity costs in your area? Is propane a more convenient fuel for you to come by?

How big is your brewhouse equipment – if it’s small then electric heating is probably best. If it’s large, steam capable of being used elsewhere may be more useful to you.

Of course, you also have to consider some other parameters, such as boiling intensity, heating rate, the possibility of burning, etc. After taking all the above factors into consideration, it will be possible to determine which heating method is more suitable for the brewhouse equipment.

Yes, sure, LPG is a good way to heat, but suitable for smaller system, especially for home brewing, so if you site does not have gas or the power of electricity is not enough, you can choose PLG.

Normally we will recommend steam heating by boiler for above 500L brewhouse, a 500L brewhouse will use a 50kgs/h steam boiler, 1000L will recommend a 100kgs/h steam boiler, the larger the electric boiler, the higher the power consumption. If you do not have three-phase electricity locally, or the equipment is too large, it is recommended to choose a gas boiler.

Different heatign way has different advantages and disadvantages, you need to choose according to your budget, consumption cost and the site condition.

Below is the difference of the three heating way:

  1. Electric heating: simple operation, low equipment cost, but high power and large power consumption, so the use cost is slightly higher, so it is generally suitable for small equipment, and electric heating is not recommended for large equipment. Which is more cheaper for the using cost of electricity and gas in your local?
  2. Steam heating: Most people choose steam heating because the use cost is low and the beer tastes good, but the initial cost is high and needs to buy a boiler;
  3. Direct fire heating: For direct fire heating, we need to make the bottom of the tank as a combustion chamber, so the construction cost is slightly higher, and you also need to buy a burner, and the taste of beer is not as good as that of steam.

For an electric heating system, normally the kettle and hot liquor tank both needs electric heating, 500L kettle heating power is 20kw, 1000L HLT power is 40kw, with the other system included, a 500L completed system needs about 70-80kw; 1000L brewing system needs about 90-100KW. The condition to choose electric heating brewery is that you must have three phase power in your site, as electric heating power is too high, single phase is unbearable.

Normally if you want to achieve automatic temperature heating, you can use the boiling brewing method, not the leaching method.

If it is steam heating, you only need to add a steam jacket to the tank, and you can freely combine mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle and whirlpool tank.

If it is electric heating, take the two vessels as an example, because the lauter tank has a false bottom and cannot be equipped with a heating tube, so if you want to directly heat up, the combination method should be mashing/boiling/whirlpool + lauter tun.

Of course, the degree of automation of automatic heating is related to the degree of automation of the control panel.

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