Is craft beer better than commercial beer?

Whether you are a beer lover or a beer maker, beer will always be part of the conversation. People always wonder, which is better, craft beer or commercial beer. The answer may be a little more complicated than you think. Craft beer has been around for centuries, brewed by small breweries that used traditional ingredients to create the best-tasting beverages. Commercial beers are mass-produced based on recipes that are tweaked over time to reduce costs and maximize production efficiency.

What is craft beer?

Craft beer is the earliest type of beer as we know it. It was made long before the advent of industrialization and mass production. America is the birthplace of modern craft beer as we find it today. The Brewers Association defines craft beer standards.

Craft beer has the following characteristics:

  • Annual beer production must not exceed 6 million barrels
  • Non-craft beer companies can control less than 25% of brewery shares
  • Beer itself is at least one of the brewery’s main products, or accounts for more than 50% of sales
  • No supplements are used in the product making process
  • No artificial additives or flavorings

What is craft beer?

What is commercial beer?

Commercial beer is produced by large breweries that use mass production techniques to produce beer. These beers have fewer ingredients than craft beers and have lower alcohol content.

The difference between craft beer and commercial beer

Different production methods

The taste of craft beer versus commercial beer can be attributed to differences in production techniques. Craft beers are often made using traditional brewing techniques, resulting in more complex, flavorful beers. Commercial beer, is produced using mass production techniques that focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Different appearance

The most obvious difference is the appearance. Generally commercial wholesale beers tend to have a similar appearance, usually yellow or brown. Place two different brands side by side and once poured, you most likely won’t be able to tell them apart. Craft beer, but, comes in a variety of shades, from hazy gold to rich copper to deep brown.

Alcohol content varies

Commercial beers tend to have lower alcohol content than craft beers. Commercial beer has an alcohol content of only 3% to 5%. This is because commercial beer production methods focus on producing more beer in less time, so fermentation times are often shorter and the alcohol Content of the final product is lower.

Craft beers have an alcohol content of 5.9% or higher. This means you’ll get a stronger kick from your craft beer, which is great for those who want a richer flavor experience.

Different types

Beer enthusiasts often seek variety, a need that commercial breweries cannot meet. Large manufacturers can only offer very limited products to meet the insatiable needs and complex tastes of the beer-consuming public. The goal of these commercial brewers is to produce beer for profit, which leads them to offer average-tasting beers on the market.

Craft breweries, so, produce craft beers out of a love for variety. All craft beer businesses are born out of a love and desire to provide every beer lover with new flavor experiences not available in the mainstream market.

Prices are different

The stronger the beer, the higher its alcohol content, which is why craft beers are cheaper than mass-produced beers.

you need to drink 5 mainstream beers to match the alcohol content of a good craft beer. When you buy local craft beer, you not only support local business, but you also save some of the money you would otherwise spend on middlemen. ​

Reasons to like commercial beer


The most important thing about all craft beer is the personal experience. With commercial beer, you go to the store and buy a six-pack and that’s it. Your beer is a bunch of nameless liquid in the same can. That’s not the case with craft beer. Craft beer is more than a drink, it’s the brainchild of the dedicated independent brewers who create it. Not only does it quench your thirst, it also lets you feel the passion of the winemaker for his craft. by looking at the labels, you’ll notice that craft beers contain more product information that consumers can learn about than commercial beers. Craft beer is also produced , which means you have the opportunity to visit a brewery.

Reasons to like commercial beer

Compared to craft beer, commercial beer is available almost everywhere. Many people are pleased with their availability and affordability, as these beers are often sold for less than craft beers. ​

Plus, a wide variety of cans, bottles, and kegs make it easy to find commercial beers on the shelves about anywhere you go. There are also some consumers who like the traditional taste of commercial beer and its ease of drinking.

Reasons to like craft beer

Craft beers are full of interesting and complex flavors that appeal to beer lovers. The craft beer industry is innovating and trying new ingredients and brewing techniques, so you can expect to find some unique flavors. Many people like the alcohol content of craft beer, which can bring about a more intense feeling.

Craft beer and commercial beer

Which one is better, craft beer or commercial beer? This is an issue that has been debated for years. There are also many factors to consider, such as: alcohol content, taste, etc. Craft beer may be more expensive than commercial beer, but considering the fact that craft beer contains fewer additives and preservatives, the quality of craft beer is worth it. The most important factor in deciding which beer to drink is personal preference. If you are used to drinking commercial beers, you may not like craft beers because they are different from what you are used to, and vice versa. So whether you prefer craft or commercial beer, the best beer is the one that suits your taste !

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