500L Microbrewery System

500L Microbrewery System

The 500L microbrewery system is the most popular brewery system and is suitable for small and medium-sized breweries or individual breweries. Craft beer is a type of small-batch, hand-brewed, high-quality beer that is different from large-scale commercial brewing and focuses more on flavor, taste, and innovation. Micet can customize the design of beer equipment according to the brewery’s requirements for beer flavor and brewing process. We can provide a turnkey solution for 500L beer equipment.

Introduction to 500L Microbrewery

Type Details
Batch Size Typically 150-500 liters (1-3 barrels)
Annual Production 150-300 barrels
Build Cost $50,000-$150,000
Applications Microbreweries, brewpubs, taprooms

500L Micro Brewing System Specifications

Typical specifications of 500L brewing equipment:

Equipment Specifications
Mash tun 300L capacity, 1.5 mm stainless steel, insulated
Lauter tun 300L capacity, 0.5 mm stainless, slotted false bottom
Brew kettle 500L capacity, 2mm stainless, steam/gas heated
Fermenters 300L cylindrical conical vessels, cooling jackets
Glycol chiller 10-20 kW cooling capacity, plate heat exchanger

Introduction to 500L Microbrewery

  • Effective volume: 500L; Total volume: 625L
  • Material: SUS304/SUS316 stainless steel
  • Heating method: electric/steam/direct fire heating
  • Voltage: three-phase/380(220, 415,480…)v/50(60)Hz; single-phase/220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz
  • Frequency of brewing: 1-2 times/day
  • Heat transfer efficiency: ≥90%
  • Polishing accuracy: ≤0.4μm
  • Heat exchange area: 0.7㎡
  • Area required: 55 square meters

500L microbrewery equipment standards

Malt grinding device

  • Particle adjustable rolling crusher
  • Flexible or steel auger can lift the ground grain into the mash barrel

Brewery installation

  • Various combinations of saccharification barrels, filter barrels, boiling barrels, and whirlpool barrels
  • Special combination of optional hot water tank and cold water tank
  • The brewing method of infusion or decoction is designed
  • The boiling process can be completed under pressure, especially suitable for breweries with higher altitudes
  • Two-stage or single-stage heat exchanger for cooling wort
  • All valves are pneumatic valves and operated
  • Hygienic and efficient automatic control wort pump
  • All stainless steel leaking platform
  • All pipes

Fermentation system

  • Standard stainless steel conical fermentation tank
  • Small breweries use single or double size breweries
  • The number of tanks is calculated based on the fermentation cycle of various beers
  • Includes all holes, valves, pressure gauges, accessories, etc.

Beer filter device

  • Craft beer does not need filtration and can be drunk in kegs
  • Plate and frame or candle DE (diatomaceous earth) filters are used to clarify beer

Cooling system

  • Insulated glycol water tank for containing and mixing glycol liquids
  • High-efficiency chillers or refrigerators with fryers provide cooling energy
  • Sanitary centrifugal pump for circulating glycol water between tank and heat exchanger
  • All pipes, fittings, and insulation materials are made of

Control unit system

  • Temperature and saccharification room switch control
  • Electrical control cabinet Electrical control cabinet with temperature and cooling component switch control
  • PLC semi-automatic control system with pneumatic valve, automatic temperature control, automatic water addition and mixing, precise metering of flushing, automatic liquid level, automatic brewing process control
  • PLC automatic control system, with curve sign and production record printing, with recipe storage function, customers can create new recipes according to specific production requirements

500L microbrewery system configuration

2 vessel Brewery:

  • Combined saccharification/filter barrel
  • With whirlpool brewing pot

3 vesse lBrewery:

Separate mash tun, lauter tun and brew kettle

Steam and gas heating:

Steam boiler and natural gas burner

Manual and automatic:

Manual versus computerized brewing systems

Features of 500L micro brewing equipment

  • Many different container combinations and many containers: multi-function tank, individual treatment tank;
  • Complete piping and wiring, including valves and sensors;
  • Integrated pump system;
  • CIP system: Each tank has independent CIP to prevent cross-interference of products;
  • Main brewing interface control system (touch screen control panel),
  • Top brand electronic components;
  • Automatic filtering and automatic water mixing
  • High-quality thermal insulation effect: Rock wool Thickness: 80mm
  • The weld seam is beautiful and bright
  • Materials with good wear resistance: inner sheath (SUS304) thickness: 3.0mm; outer sheath thickness: 2.0mm; head thickness: 3.0mm

Advantages of 500L micro brewing system

  • The equipment is designed according to the customer’s brewing method and brewed beer type, which can make the beer reach up to 33 Plato.
  • Energy saving, higher brewing efficiency, lower material consumption, and higher wort leaching rate
  • automatic mashing, wort, water flow and automatic temperature control
  • designed steam system improves heating efficiency and reduces energy loss
  • More reasonable pipeline structure to avoid wort aeration problems and reduce material loss
  • The valve body and cone adopt designed jackets to ensure heating and cooling efficiency
  • The headspace is large, and the headspace volume needs to be calculated .
  • The tank welding adopts 100% TIG welding process, and the jacket welding adopts full water welding. The jacket is cooled by uniform ripples to ensure no leakage, long life and passivation of welds!
  • The mirror polishing, polishing 6 times to achieve Ra 0.4um mirror finish, can be cleaned 360° without dead corners.
  • The sheath is tested for 12 hours, using air and water, the sheath test pressure is 5Bar, the inner shell test pressure is 4Bar, we will also conduct a 48-hour water test before packaging.
  • Strict quality control and process inspection and testing system, all test records will be displayed on our data at the later stage of tank transportation, and will be tracked with inspection list and serial number.
  • Adhere to the high-end product line to manufacture tanks. All components such as chillers, exchangers, steam boilers, Schneider/ABB electronic control systems, etc. are all made of international brands to ensure quality and convenient after-sales.

500L Fermentation system

Applicable scope of 500L beer equipment

Brewers make their beers attractive to consumers through unique brewing processes and unique beer flavors. If required, these machines can be placed in beer consumption places: restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, tourist and shopping malls.

Asked Questions

Q: What is the quality of 500L craft beer equipment?

A: 500L craft beer equipment is considered top quality due to its use of high-end materials such as food-grade stainless steel, which ensures durability and hygienic conditions. It also incorporates advanced technology, precise craftsmanship and strict quality control to produce consistent and superior brewing results.

Q: What parts does the 500L craft beer equipment contain?

A: 500L craft beer equipment usually includes mash barrels, filter barrels, kettles, vortexes, fermentation tanks and control systems. Some setups may also include extra equipment such as hot liquid tanks, cooling systems, and cleaning systems.

Q: Is the 500L craft beer equipment easy to operate and maintain?

A: Yes, reputable manufacturers ensure that 500L craft beer equipment is designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. It comes with intuitive control systems and clear operating instructions, while the use of high-quality materials simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

Q: How many batches can the 500L system produce?

A: Typical batch sizes for a 500L brewery are 150-500L (1-3 barrels).

Q: Can the 500L system be semi-automated?

A: Yes, the 500L system can realize partial automation such as heating and temperature control.

Q: Can the 500L craft beer equipment be customized to meet the needs of a specific brewery?

A: Yes, MICET manufacturer provides customization options for 500L craft beer equipment. Customers can customize equipment to meet specific brewing requirements, such as more fermenters, automated features or unique design elements.