1500L 3 Vessel Brewery Equipment

1500L Microbreweries Installation normally setup for brewery factory with distributing solutions, microbreweries produce craft beer for visitors and customers to drink on the premises, for sale at select distributors. Micet build micro brewing equipment on a case by case basis, production capacity from 10HL-30HL.

The Brewing Equipment has different level of automatic control levels. A higher level of automatic function can save brewer’s labor but the cost would be also higher. We will give suggestions according to the production capacity.

Use the tips below to choose your own range of brewing equipment.

1500l 3vessel brewery
15HL micro craft brewery
1500L microbrewery

How to choose your microbrewery equipment?

The size and capacity of the brewhouse depends on what scale beer production is planned. Every piece of Micet microbrewery equipment is custom designed as a combination of the brewers’ ideas and input linked to special beer formula or recipe you want to create.

Microbreweries brewhouse can be divided into 2-vessel, 3-vessel, or 4/5-vessel configurations, according to the mash, lauter, boiling and whirlpooling brewing process combination. Below is difference of a 2 vessel and 3 vessel brewhouse combination types according to different brewing/feeding technology. After the first brew completed in 8hours, the wort production process can be continuously feed every 3 hours, and 4-6 batches can be completed within 24 hours.

Two Vessel Brewhouse

Type A

  • Mash & lauter tun combination
  • Brew kettle & whirlpool combination; popular for infusion mashing

Type B

  • Mash & kettle & whirlpool combination
  • Lauter tank, normally used for decoction mashing
  • Hot liquor tank- HLT is a standard brewery method that allows the brewer to prepare hot water and heat to use before the brew, and can also be used for cleaning tanks and sparging.
Installation cases of 1000L 2 vessel brewery

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Three Vessel Brewhouse

Three vessel brewhouse can produce more batches more frequently in the same day and let you have the capacity to expand in later stage.

Type A

  • Mash tun with mixer
  • Lauter tun with rake
  • Brew kettle & whirlpool combination

Type B

  • Mash & kettle with agitator for decoction mashing
  • Lauter tun with rake
  • Whirlpool tank

Type C

  • Mash & Lauter Combination for infusion mashing
  • Brew kettle
  • Whirlpool

How to choose the heating method of your brewhouse? Check here.

1500L 3 vessel brewery 1
1500L 3 vessel brewery 2

Installation cases of 1500L 3 vessel brewery

Why choose our brewery design to be your partner of your brewery project?

The microbrewery equipment we built is produced to the highest exact specifications, our engineers will configure the proposal as per your brewing method, beer recipes and the amount of grains being put in the mash tun. Our mash tun design ensures the highest sugar extract and highest brewing efficiency. No matter how extraordinary your request, we can meet it. We respect each brewer’s brewing geniuses, just tell us your special way to make your beer, you can rely on us to bring your dream to reality. We can also work out the brewery blueprints or even use the 3D model to perfect your concept, design, and overall layout with our professional team experts.

Every stage of our brewery equipment production process is rigorously overseen and inspected, being thoroughly tested ahead of shipping and installation.

What design advantages does our brewery equipment have?

Brewhouse design as per customer brewing method and brewing beer types can make beer highest to 33 Plato.

Energy saving, higher brewing efficiency and lower material consumption, higher wort wort extract

Fully automatic mash, wort, water flow and automatic temperature control

Well designed steam system to increase heating efficiency and lower energy lost

Specially designed jackets on both body and cone to ensure heating and cooling efficiency

Bigger headspace, the cover headspace volume is calculated separately and extra.

The inner tank body and the lower cone are equipped with dimple steam heating jacket, which meets the requirement of mash heating and heating rate ≥1℃/min. The two heating jackets are independently controlled.

Through the Pt100 temperature sensor and the steam pneumatic control valve, can realize multiple step-by-step automatic saccharification. and ensure effective evaporation.

The feeding water volume, water temperature and material-water ratio are precisely controlled;

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Here are 3 ways the best craft breweries have become successful:

  1. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. A customer-centric approach to taste.
  3. Breweries supporting each other.

One of the most important decisions a potential new brewery can make is to come to visit our engineers and salespeople to discuss their needs. Our staff can answer all of your design and engineering questions, as well as go into detail.

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