30HL 5 Vessels Commercial Brewery Equipment

30HL 5 Vessels commercial brewery equipment
Micet 30HL 5 Vessels commercial brewery equipment
Micet Group 30HL 5 Vessels commercial brewery equipment

What are the design solutions for building the perfect brewery?

This set 30HL commercial brewery equipment can achieve the maximum demand for mashing batches every day, and realize the brewing process of various flavored beers. Less labor for feeding materials, high degree of automation of one-button operation, convenient cleaning of equipment without dead ends, and high stability of temperature-controlled fermentation.

Grain Handling System

Material preparation before production, malt after soaking 1-2 days, cooling in humid air conditions, make it sprout in the future 3-7 days, and then humidification mixing device with the bucket hoist will preliminary wet malt into the malt miller, wet crushing, of course, the premise is to choose a more suitable raw material transport system within the budget is the optimal, we can provide you with solutions.

Brewhouse System

gelation-mash-lauter-boiling-whirlpool, with the main materials of heating mixed wine regional functional tank, equipped with material level switch and pressure sensor, can step by step tracking control the brewing process, the whole system adopts sanitary level pneumatic valve, each pipe point control is fully reflected in the control system panel. Can realize automatic feeding, automatic discharge, wort cleaning system valve automatic control, can achieve no dead Angle, high cleanliness, sanitary conditions to reach the standard function. The lamp control function makes the brewing process visual, and it takes the sampling experiment device, as the test in the process, and realizes the powerful function of clear step by step and convenient operation.

Fermentation System

The initial wort enters the fermentation 6T and 9T fermenter group for the first fermentation effect, of course, the specific quantity is still related to your production demand, and the commercial factory land use situation. These fermenter clusters currently hold several 100,000 liters of liquor. The fermentation process takes 18-28 days, and a larger group means more quality bodies.

Water Tank System

The use of cold water tank, hot water tank, glycol water tank cooling, heating medium supply, large enough refrigerant supply, can stably control the fermentation process of the fermentation system, so that the high-quality liquor can be stable output. Hot water storage container can maintain the hot water demand needed in the brewing process, ensure high temperature and high heat, and can complete the brewing process normally. The brewing water tank provides the water supply in the brewing process. The water source is also the high clean water source treated by the water treatment station, and it will not be mixed with other useful water sources.

Miski brewery is a startup brewery in Ontario, Canada, they firstly purchased their first 500L brewery in 2021, with the beer consumption increase, they just purchased their second commercial brewery in year 2022, which includes 2 vessel brewhouse 3000L, 6000L fermentation vessels and 6000L bright beer tanks.


Birmingham Brewing Project 3
Birmingham since 2016 creating a selection of quality beers that all Brummies can drink, enjoy, and be proud to put their name to. BBC brewing project was purchased and installed through our UK partner TCE, which is not only be professional for brewing equipments technical support, sales but also installation, debugging and after-sale services, TCE and Micet has built their cooperated warehouse in UK and also built their own showroom brewery Eight sail brewery.


High-quality commercial brewery equipment is the key for sales-focused brewery.

Requirements Include:

  • Stability – Commercial brewery equipment is flush with the ground and securely mounted for long-term production.
  • Flexibility – Commercial breweries that can scale up or increase production. Commercial brewery systems must also easily accommodate semi- or full automation.
  • Reliability – Quality brewery equipment must always operate to a high standard, produce recipes accurately, while being durable and trustworthy.

These functions require quality commercial beer production equipment. Commercial breweries are always expanding their venues and production, and experimenting with new beer recipes and techniques.

When commercial breweries do this, they need to make sure they have access to cutting edge beer technology: Micet Group Brewtech.

Any commercial brewery equipment manufacturer must be able to complete production work on time and within budget. Another key aspect is the customization capabilities of brewery equipment manufacturers, especially for mid-sized systems and breweries that require commercial brewery systems to match certain characteristics of the building, budget, brewing technology, and automation updates or expansions.

Our commercial brewery equipment and automated brewery systems are manufactured to the strictest and highest international standards in the world. Commercial breweries must operate within a budget, which means delivering the perfect beer recipe and high-performance equipment every time.

When commercial breweries need to expand their current brewery facilities or expand their operations to another location, quality equipment and supplies are required. When planning a new division or a different location, commercial brewers need experts in brewery design, fabrication, transportation and installation to take on the mandate.

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Here are 3 ways the best craft breweries have become successful:

  1. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. A customer-centric approach to taste.
  3. Breweries supporting each other.

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